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Commercial cleaning

Office CleaningWe also offer a commercial cleaning service to offices, surgeries, nurseries, shops or other premises.

When you use our cleaners you will save money on  advertising, recruitment, holiday and absence pay. We can be your solution to running a successful business without worrying about clean premises in the morning.

The hourly rate starts from £9.00 per hour and in addition we can provide all cleaning products and if you require toilet paper, soups or hand lotions can also be arranged.

Our service includes cleaning all general office areas, kitchen, toilets, reception and stairs, but specific requirements are tailored to individual clients.

Our cleaning ladies are available on daily, weekly or forthnighly basis, but also we would be very happy to provide cleaners to cover holidays, sickness or any other absence.


"We have been using Home Star Cleaning Services to do Spring Cleaning for our clients. Excellent quality for such a good price, most of our houses have been rented out immediately!"

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