This section gives you detailed information about our services. Please click on a question to read the answer. If you still have unanswered questions please feel free to contact us.

What do we do?

Home Star cleaning is independent family run business specialising in domestic and commercial cleaning.

We cover all local areas such as Petts Wood, Chislehurst, Bromley and Orpington, however we are happy to accommodate customers from any other areas. Please call us to discuss in more detail.

How to get started with us?

Our first visit is to learn about you and your requirements. We will discuss special requests, day and time of cleaning, we will also outline our policies and procedures. This normally takes about 30 minutes.

To create a better understanding and less formal relationship, we like to get to know our clients and them to get to know us right from the start. We hope that you will be our client for a long time.

How do we select our cleaners?

The main aim of our business to provide a domestic service for our customers to enable them to enjoy their weekends without having to worry about housework and ironing. Our cleaners are trained to demonstrate a caring and professional attitude toward your house, to learn to effectively manage their working time, to be consistent and to maintain an agreed and desired standard.

A good cleaner understands that cleaning is not only about dusting and vacuuming but it is about paying attention to detail. We only employ cleaners who know how to do their job and are willing to learn more.

Each new cleaner must provide a proof of address (utility bill, credit card or bank statement), copy of the passport or national ID card and 2 valid, recent references. A cleaner will not be employed if she cannot provide the requested documents.

Why an agency and not a private cleaner?

To quote one of our clients, "I have tried 3 private cleaners. One of them couldn’t provide a passport, the second one did a very poor job and the third one requested money to be paid upfront." We are here to relieve you of these problems, starting with selecting the right person to work for you.

Our experience shows that the main problems associated with private cleaners are:

  • the client feels embarrassed to challenge them if their work becomes poor
  • there is nobody to cover for her while she is on holiday or is ill
  • the process of advertising, interviewing and chasing up references
  • there is no insurance to cover any possible damage
  • the language barrier without an interpreter

Our job is to ensure each customer's satisfaction and happiness. By selecting the right people we prevent staff turnover, can guarantee security and consistency as well as value for money.

Who holds the keys?

All our cleaners are key holders. When a cleaner takes the keys, she signs a Key Holding Deposit Form and on termination of a contract, the key is returned back to the customer.

What happens if you don’t like a cleaner or she goes on holiday?

Normally we expect our cleaners to familiarise themselves with all tasks and requirements within one month from the starting day. If a client and a cleaner finds it difficult to reach an agreement bout what needs to be done within the allocated time, then we will investigate possible problems. This could be a lack of time, equipment not working properly or any other issues.  If a client feels that the cleaner is not the right person then we will change to another cleaner. Clients are informed about a cleaner’s holiday in advance and are offered a replacement while she is away. We always ask our clients to send us feedback about the selected cleaner and monitor her progress throughout the employment.

How do we control quality?

Each cleaner receives in – house training, as well and training on the Health and Safety matters. In addition to this, your individual cleaner is given any relevant information about your house, which has been passed to us from the customer. Our cleaning ladies are introduced and expected to follow a general copy of the cleaning checklist, however each customer might have individual requirements to be added on. We always follow up quality and standards via email or individual phone calls. Each customer can request a random quality check visit at any time. If however you are not satisfied with the work of the provided cleaner, please inform the office as soon as possible and we will either re-train the existing person or offer another lady.

What about timekeeping and attendance?

We expect our cleaners to be punctual and well mannered. Occasionally they may be late because of traffic problems or they have had to work slightly longer at the previous house. However we will not accept a cleaner who arrives at 1pm if they were expected at 10am. Please always inform us if time keeping becomes a problem. Consistent communication is the key to developing a successful relationship between us and our clients.

How do we know the number of hours required?

The guide time to spend cleaning a kitchen varies between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the size. A shower room takes between 20 to 35 minutes. A bathroom without a shower should take no more than 20 minutes. Normally a 3 bedroom house with one bathroom should take no more than 3 hours if it is cleaned weekly.

How do I pay?

Our customers do have a choice regarding payments. They can set up direct debit or they can pay a partial amount of money to the cleaning lady on the day and the remaining balance will be sent via the email. Please speak to us what is best for you and we will do our best to accommodate your preferences. Please take a look at our Rates Section for more information.

Is the insurance to cover damage caused by the cleaner?

Unlike private cleaners, our insurance covers cleaners and clients. A copy of the police is available on request.

Where do we keep our customers' details?

Each customer is required to sign our Terms and Conditions. If you send back a paper copy of T&C, then this will be filed and kept in the lockable drawer. If you send them via email, we print them out and file in exactly same way as above. Our details are only accessible to the admin staff and the cleaning team. Your regular cleaning lady will have your full address, phone numbers and occasionally an alarm code. The same applies to the replacement cleaners (when your regular one is on holiday/away). The replacement cleaners are the part of our team, it’s just means they are not working for you regularly. No any other people would have access to your personal contact details and is never shared to the third party.

Please call on 02084674847 or 07880506073 or email should you have any further queries.